OpenWine - Víno z Jižní Ameriky, Španělska, Itálie a Jihoafrické republiky
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Company name: OpenWine, s.r.o.

Seat of the company: Sadová 26, 796 03, Prostějov, Czech Republic

IČ: 28322835

DIČ: CZ28322835

Current acount CZK: 226129018/0300 (ČSOB)

Current acount EUR: 228826108/0300 (ČSOB)

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Jorge Atisha
Managing Director
+420 605 028 637
Zuzana Vojtěchová, DiS.
Office Manager
+420 731 484 399

Contemporary OpenWine

The OpenWine company has had stable position on czech market as an exclusive importer of premium southamerican wines operating for almost 10 years. We import certificated products directly from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, where wines are produced from harvest to bottling. We work on our portfolio, so nowadays we offer also wines from Italy, Spain or South Africa.

We work only with high quality products which is reflected in our distribution plan. Wines imported by OpenWine are not offered in supermarkets, you can enjoy them only in restaurants and hotels and buy them in specialized shops. Moreover, we cooperate with private clients and companies.

OpenWine shop is located in Olomouc, however our clients are from all regions of the Czech Republic. Wine tastings, social events and trips to the wineries are pleasant complements of our business.